Work and Asset Management System Assessment

Project Description

The City’s Utilities Department contracted SDI to conduct an assessment for a Work and Asset Management Solution. The Department is running Oracle WAM version 1.9 and Oracle has announced the end of support for this version in 2021. The City owns the software license and pays annual maintenance for the WAM solution, which allows them to upgrade to WAM version 2.x, a re-developed work and Asset Management solution; however, performing an upgrade to the new version is a considerable effort. The Department would like to assess its needs for work and asset management and consider solutions that best meet its requirements. Based on the existing WAM version end of support timeframe, The Department is initiating a project to assess requirements, conduct a competitive procurement, and implement a work and asset management solution (or upgrade the existing one if determined during the procurement process) prior to the end of WAM 1.9 support.

Project Goals

The Department seeks services from a consulting firm (“Consultant”) to perform a needs assessment and, optionally, assist with procurement and provide project consulting services for the upgrade or replacement of the Department’s Work and Asset Management System with consideration for use by other City departments (“Project”).

Services Delivered

SDI is performing the following tasks to conduct a needs assessment for a Work and Asset Management solution.

  • Project Kickoff Meeting
  • Evaluate Current the Department’s Systems and Processes
  • Conduct Workshops with Stakeholders
  • Develop Gap Analysis & Recommendations
  • Consult on Hosting Options
  • Public Works Requirements Document Review and Workshops

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