Technical Support for Large US City’s 911 Center

Project Description

SDI delivers technical services to the 911 emergency response department of a major US City, providing well-certified talented staff and in-depth knowledge of the 911 systems and operations.

SDI Deliverables and Services:
  • On-site, 24x7x365 system support for over 77 LAN positions;
  • Reverse 911 implementation: Project Management and Technical Support for the implementation of a robust mass telephony system to reach the public in an expeditious manner to provide emergency instructions in the event of a crisis via a prerecorded action message.
  • Implementation of a collaborative incident management solution
  • Requirements Analysis for the Emergency Management application, developed functional and data requirements in conjunction with a number of City departments and external departments and agencies providing real-time information.
  • SDI developed the Building GIS Application, a web-based application and data portal allowing key decision makers access to critical building data and related floor plan data during daily dispatch operations.
  • 911 City base map development
  • City-wide emergency evacuation CADD file maintenance
  • Upgraded network and security equipment.
  • Firewall/security infrastructure assessments and recommendations
  • Ongoing support including:
    • Backup network support for criminal offender database
    • Desktop, server and email support
    • Incident management center support
    • Java application development and application support
    • Network support
    • Technical project management
    • Traffic management systems support
    • Financial administrative support
    • GIS support
Project Results

The SDI staff delivers reliable technology systems and infrastructure support services, allowing  the city’s 911 Center to process over 15,000 calls daily for emergency service.

SDI has delivered cost-effective, innovative technology systems to organizations throughout the public and private sectors.

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