Paperless Permitting Process and Electronic Plan Review for Large Municipality

Project Description

The Department of Buildings of a major City desired a comprehensive electronic plans review solution. The Department contracted with SDI to deliver software configuration, testing, training, and other services related to the implementation,including hosting, support and maintenance of the e-Plan solution. The City also required the solution to integrate with other existing City systems.

Client Objectives

The Department processes an average of 600 large construction permits a year  and 9,500 other permits including residential. Three sets of plans are required if submitted in paper format for the second program. The size of the plans depends on the scope and complexity of the project. Moving the paper plans through the review process to each discipline (architecture, electric, plumbing, vent, structural, etc.) is a time consuming process. The City intends to institute an electronic process that will decrease such time periods and thereby increase efficiency. The objective of this project is to enable customers to submit permit applications and upload their drawings and supporting documents for review, then enable Department to review and manage submitted plans all electronically.

Services Delivered
  • Project Management
  • Provided a means for the Department to effectively manage all plans electronically, using Web technology
  • Provided seamless integration with the City’s current Permitting System
  • Extended the process to include other City review departments as well as Consultant Reviewers
  • Support electronic plan submittal, reviewing automated notification of issues and resolution, and final approved plan archival
  • Provide reports on permit and code review progress
  • Performed Requirements Assessment
Project Results

SDI implemented the ProjectDox System (Eplan) from Avolve Software, which supports the City’s Developer Services (Low Volume-Large Projects) and Standard Plan Review (High Volume-Small Projects) programs. It assists the City in managing construction projects and serve as an online repository for existing plans. E-Plan allows for several cost and time saving efficiencies including:

  • Submission of plans electronically 24 hours/7 days a week (eliminating visit to City’s Department of Buildings offices)
  • Simultaneous review of the plans by all professional and trade disciplines
  • City reviewer mark-ups are made directly on the plans to provide direction and clarity as to any items which require correction
  • Re-submission of corrected plans electronically
  • Real-time return of approved/stamped plans once the fees are paid
  • Integration with the City’s existing Permitting System

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