Land Management Software and Implementation

Project Description

A City Council recognized the need to improve City services technologically to the current expectations of residents and the development community. With an outdated Land Management System, the Community Development Department (CDD), desires a Land Management System easier to use and understand. This includes a need for field personnel to have immediate access to project records when on-site visits.

Client Objectives
  • The industry trend is to drive access to customers with cloud/web and app-based delivery models that are not available with the current land management system.
  • Management requires better access to data, information, and reporting that is currently unavailable or significantly restricted.
  • More capabilities are needed to meet current customer needs and demands. For example, online access to submit, track, schedule and coordinate permitting and other administrative and regulatory processes are typical services that should be available.
  • Third-party software integrations with the current system are extremely difficult, limited, or unavailable.
  • The City is increasingly being exposed to compliance risks due to the current systems stagnation and lack of vendor investment.
Services Delivered

SDI services include but are not limited to the following:

  • Develop and document existing and proposed functional and data requirements, including permitting process workflow for the new Land Management software
  • Develop a Request for Proposals (RFP)
  • Lead the CDD through the Land Management software selections process
  • Assist in the selection of a software vendor: Review and evaluate vendor proposals and make recommendations to select a software vendor who best meets the requirements of the City.
  • Participate in contract negotiations with the selected vendor to ensure a performance-based contract, where milestones are paid when accomplished
  • Guide the CDD through the implementation of the selected software and assist with the identification and assessment of process changes necessary for a successful Land Management software roll-out.


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