IT Service Management Help Desk Support

Project Description

A major City desired a high-quality, dependable IT Services firm with expertise and experience in providing Information Technology Infrastructure Services (“IT Services”) for the following:

  • Data Center Services
  • End-User Computing Services (includes End-user hardware/software deployment, maintenance, and management)
  • Data Network Services (including on-going infrastructure upgrades and deployment)
  • Help Desk Services
  • Cross-Functional Services
  • Special Projects
Project Goals
  • Continuously improve the quality of IT Services
  • Reduce or manage the growth in costs for providing IT services
  • Develop agreements that support the major City’s future information technology needs
  • Provides flexibility in the provision of IT Services
  • Integrated continuous innovation
  • Address cyber risk
Services Delivered
  • Target market contract provides professional IT services to support the major City’s 37 operating Departments’ and approximately 32,000 employees’ use of technology in their daily business operations
  • Contract delivers Service Level Agreement-based to support the major City:
    • Help Desk Services: 24x7x365 service desk to handle issues with minimal disruption to the major City’s business
Project Results

In the first 100 days, SDI:

  • Simplified the 4-DATA IVR greeting and phone design at go-live ​
  • Identified aging tickets dating back to 2016. Closed over 4000 tickets​
  • Improved the process for ARF (Access Request Form) requests​
  • Enhanced the technical process on how the Help Desk handles password resets​
  • Collaborated with the major City’s Public Safety IT Help Desk to have them set up a hunt group on their phone system. This distributes phone calls from a single phone number to a group of several phone lines or groups of call agents. Previously, this was a manual process with alternate phone numbers to warm transfer a call. ​
  • Implemented a “3 Attempts to Contact caller.” This process addresses unresponsive end-users and aging tickets. ​
  • Validated and added dozens of Knowledgebase articles and made them available to support staff

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