Independent Verification and Validation Services for a State Benefits System Deployment

Project Description

SDI was contracted to conduct an assessment of a state’s Benefit Information System (BIS) being implemented by a large systems integrator. The BIS system processes claims intake, eligibility determination, benefit payments, employer changing and claims accounting and is the existing information system for the State and Federal Unemployment Insurance programs. The legacy system is mainframe-based is being transitioned to a new BIS replacement system enabling more efficient processing of Unemployment claims and payments.

Client Objectives

The client requested that the SDI Team audit the implementing integrator’s activities to identify gaps and provide recommendations to enable successful implementation of web-based BIS systems that had been experiencing delays in implementation.

Services Delivered

The SDI Team worked closely with the Project/Program Management’s Team to identify Gaps, make recommendations, and implement recommendations in alignment with the company culture to ensure the necessary level of leadership, communication, processes and procedures were in place to keep the project on course with State Management’s expectations.

Activities performed included:

  • Performed services, focusing on Program Management and Project Life Cycle
  • Coordination across multiple entities including planning, directing, reporting, and controlling tasks
  • Evaluated documentation
  • Conducted interviews
  • Produced document outlining results, gaps and recommendations
Project Results

SDI’s services produced 41 recommendations, including a reconciliation of the project’s budget and timetable to enable a successful implementation in order to meet Senior Managements’ expectations.

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