Event Management System Implementation

Project Description

A major law enforcement agency required a competent team of a Project Manager (PM) and a Senior Program Manager (Sr. PM) with expertise in DEEP systems to provide leadership and guidance for the law enforcement’s projects. The services are highly specialized and technical in nature, and the projects are law enforcement centric systems that require IT upgrades to improve public safety, service responses, and officer safety.

Project Goals

The objective of this project is for the law enforcement agency to work with a trusted partner (Consultant) with the expertise to provide leadership and guidance for the implementation of DEEP related projects. DEEP projects are at different phases and the Consultant must balance priorities to keep the projects moving forward to meet the law enforcement agency’s critical mission of providing safety, service, and security to California Citizens and everyone who uses the thousands of miles of their state’s roadways.

Services Delivered

SDI was selected to:

  • Provide PM and Sr. PM resources
  • Facilitate workgroup session and meetings, working with the law enforcement agency’s technical staff and subject matter experts to complete system configurations, testing, training, and deployment of systems
  • Prepare Stage One Business Analyses, Feasibility Study Reports, Special Project Reports, Budget Change Concepts, Budget Change Proposals, Economic Analysis Workbooks, and other related documents as required for the law enforcement agency’s DEEP-related projects;
  • Mentor and train IT staff
Project Results

SDI was recognized with a Certificate of Appreciation for Outstanding Service for the CAD Replacement Project in July 2013, the law enforcement agency stated: “this (project) could not have been accomplished without their assistance.” SDI continues to provide high-quality service to the law enforcement agency by completing projects on time and within budget.

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