ERP Integration with Computer-Aided Facilities Management (CAFM) System Deployment Across National Cable Company Offices

Project Description

SDI was selected by one of the largest cable companies in the U.S. to implement a system roll-out of an enterprise Computer-Aided Facility Management (CAFM) System to cost-effectively manage over six million square feet of real estate space across the nation.

Client Objectives

SDI’s client desired an enterprise-wide system to more easily manage its assets across the country. In order to build this capability, the client required its PeopleSoft system to be integrated with space/occupancy tracking CAFM System so that the client’s facilities team can share HR and space-related data with the financial/budget planning system. Additionally, all facilities’ space usage must be field-verified to ensure that the new system’s data is accurate.

SDI was selected because of our unique blend of architectural CADD and asset management experience, coupled with the firm’s system integration experience. Our client also leveraged SDI’s central location for field verification of their facilities across the US.

Services Delivered
  • Oversight of the integration between PeopleSoft and the CAFM System
  • Data collection and field verification of existing facilities data, including surveying managers and engineers to validate architectural, furniture and occupant information
  • Coordinate training of system users across the United States Field Verification
  • Gather existing CAD files and construction drawings
  • Perform on-site measurements to ensure accuracy of required elements identified on the floor plan, including
    furniture, fixtures and occupant/space data
  • Single sign-on to existing CAFM systems utilizing Active Directory
  • Manage the process to update PeopleSoft with facilities- related data from existing CAFM system and updated employee information
Project Results

The SDI Team field-verified over 30 buildings in six regions across the U.S., totaling more than two million square feet of space. SDI is currently in Phase II of the effort, which covers nearly 4 million square feet of property across the U.S. The cable company now has accurate floor plans and is able to manage moves, adds and changes of people and furniture throughout the U.S. Their CAFM system will allow client users to find available space, maximize the efficiency of the available space and cost-effectively plan future moves

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