Enterprise Asset Tracking System for Water Reclamation Plant

Project Description

The Water Reclamation District has requested the development of an asset tracking application to track instrument and computer equipment inventory at all of their reclamation plants. Initially, the asset application shall support approximately 25,000 records and will be accessible via the District’s Intranet.

Client Objectives

The objective of this project is to create a repository for all instrument, computer hardware and related equipment being installed as part of the overall Plant upgrade. The District intends to extend the system for tracking of instruments and equipment at their other plants, so the system is being designed to support multiple plants/facilities. The system will allow for data entry, viewing and querying/reporting data.The system is being developed using the latest version of Microsoft.Net and will use an Oracle back-end.

Services Delivered
  • Provided and configured project hardware
  • Developed application and Data Requirements
  • Developed the Asset Tracking Application
  • Integrated the Asset Tracking Application with the District’s maintenance management system and with their document management system
  • Performed unit testing and acceptance testing
  • Provided multiple levels of training for District staff
  • Provided ongoing support for two workstations, two HP servers and the Asset Tracking Application
Project Results

The system was developed, implemented successfully and is live. The client is able to track instrument and computer equipment inventory at all of their reclamation plants.

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