Design and Provisioning of State Emergency Operations Center Technology Environment

Project Description

A State government emergency agency recently constructed a 50,000 square foot State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC) that included state-of-the-art communications and information technology systems, office spaces, a media room, and secure meeting areas. SDI, as a subcontractor, designed all Information Technology (IT) systems and infrastructure for the new SEOC.

Client Objectives

The client required a robust, secure, reliable and scalable IT infrastructure to support emergency dispatch and coordination between all state agencies and departments. The facility must allow data, voice, and video communication between many different entities across the country.

Services Delivered
  • Consulted on attributes of the facility that impact the reliability and security of the facility’s IT systems
  • Designed the physical spaces for IT systems
  • Designed Information Technology Systems including:
    • Servers, Data Storage Systems, Network Systems, including systems to facilitate voice over IP, streaming video, and other advanced communications functionalities
  • Supervised the installation of all IT components
  • Final commissioning and testing of all IT components
Project Results

The new facility was the winner of the Director’s Award for Pride in Partnership, the most prestigious award given to public sector projects by the State Capital Development Board. The information technology and communications systems were cited as an important reason for the award.

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