Citywide Electronic Security Systems (ESS) Platform for a Major US City

Client Description

The Citywide ESS platform provides management of all access control, intrusion detection, video surveillance, optical turnstiles, security intercommunication, and duress alarms for District agencies and facilities.

Client Objectives

SDI entered into a 5-year contract with to provide all design, management, supervision, labor, materials, supplies, transportation, and equipment for the Citywide Electronic Security Systems (ESS) Operation, Installation, Maintenance, and Conversion for District owned and leased facilities.

Services Delivered

SDI was selected to support all existing facilities, and also begin the migration from the legacy system to the District’s selected New Security Management System (NSMS). SDI has deployed the NSMS in a redundant configuration and has continued to maintain the legacy platform. Our work has included the design and deployment of multiple software applications and interfaces, administrative and programming services, database and cardholder conversions, and occupied building conversions from the legacy system to the NSMS.

Project Results

SDI has successfully design, installed, initialized, tested, programmed, and maintained the following systems which connect to the Citywide ESS platform:

  •  Enterprise Access Control
  •  IP Surveillance, Digital Video
  • HSPD-12/FIPS-201 Compliant Smart Card Readers
  • Duress System and Intrusion Detection Systems
  • Security Intercommunication System
  • Command and Control Infrastructure
  • Optical Turnstile System

In total, SDI has provided turnkey security management systems for over 80 city owned and leased facilities.

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