How BOMA 2019 can change your Industrial Building’s Rentable Square Footage (RSF)

Last year, the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) International released a new industrial measurement standard: BOMA 2019 for Industrial Buildings: Standard Method of Measurement (ANSI-BOMA Z65.2-2019). Last updated in 2012, this BOMA methodology is considered the standard for measuring industrial buildings’ rentable area in the United States, Canada, and internationally.

The BOMA 2019 standard has unified the multiple scenarios and methods used in 2012 into one clear methodology. This unification allows you to see single and multi-occupant rentable areas on one chart. The standard has further eliminated and clarified ambiguities, such as providing flexibility to separately disclose areas of interest and generate multiple Load Factors for various shared space types. Additionally, the latest standard is compatible with International Property Measurement Standards: Industrial Buildings (IPMS 1 Industrial). And lastly, major vertical penetrations at the lowest level are included in the Rentable Area.

The space classification shown was measured by the SDI Commercial/Industrial Real Estate team, achieving a 16% growth. This growth was found in building additions in loft areas added over the years since the original construction.
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BOMA 2019 has greatly elaborated on definitions and details, both in text and graphics, regarding the disclosure of Space Classifications. These classifications include Occupant Area, Major Vertical Penetrations, Overhang Area & Unenclosed Feature, Parking Area, Floor Service Area, Building Service Area, Building Amenity Area, Inter-Building Amenity Area, and Inter-Building Service Area. Within the occupant area, any area such as office (finished/unfinished) and storage areas (supplies, goods, merchandise) can be disclosed depending on the business needs. In food distribution centers, areas such as Coolers, Freezers, Dry Docks, etc. Ancillary Areas can be included in the building summary, though these areas are not part of the rentable area.

A BOMA 2019 measurement guarantees that all areas of an industrial building are accounted for. SDI’s Real Estate services can provide you with an accurate color floor plan showing all space classifications and a summary sheet with a complete breakdown of all square footage numbers. It is common to pick up building additions, maintenance buildings, and mezzanine buildouts not previously realized. Accurate building data is critical information to have when acquiring, updating, or selling, properties.

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Project Manager Nick Maniola 13+ years of experience in creating and maintaining architectural drawings and security layouts for large-scale commercial real estate firms and U.S. airports to maximize marketing potential, validate plans for purchase, and document current conditions. Nick is also an industry leader in BOMA square footage accounting for commercial, industrial, and retail properties.

SDI’s Commercial/Industrial Real Estate Services

SDI has verified over 260 million square feet of space throughout the US, and we maintain over 100 million square feet of property information across the nation. We actively maintain this square footage—as well as its “golden set” of construction and as-built drawings—ensuring that the information is always accurate and available for daily leasing activity, property management, and transactions. Leveraging this data, SDI also provides emergency plans through our SDISECURE app to ensure compliance with local safety ordinances and enhance tenant safety. SDI has delivered 200 emergency plans to both property owners and first responders.

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