Advanced asset management solutions equip large organizations with the ability to optimize diverse assets by controlling maintenance, inventory and labor in a single enterprise system. For maximum effectiveness, asset management technology needs to seamlessly integrate with the organization’s financial, human resources, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and other systems.

SDI Enterprise Asset Management provides the experience and expertise necessary to implement asset management solutions in complex technology environments. With more than 20 years experience implementing asset management technology in enterprise organizations, we understand how to leverage Enterprise Asset Management solutions to increase ROI, reduce costs, and improve the reliability of critical assets.

SDI’s comprehensive Enterprise Asset Management services include:

  • Strategic planning. SDI can help you envision where your organization needs to go and how to get there by using asset management systems integrated with ERP, financial, and other systems.
  • Project Management. Our PMI-certified Project Managers use proven, structured processes to guide your asset management system to success.
  • Needs Analysis. Although there are many available asset management functionalities, SDI understands how to analyze your processes to determine the needs that will drive product selection.
  • Product Selection. With over 100 asset management systems on the market today, the choice can be confusing. SDI’s structured process uses requirements created in the Needs Analysis phase to find the best possible product for your organization.
  • Implementation. SDI can ensure that your system is designed and implemented properly to achieve the best results possible. Process optimization, business process re-engineering, and other best practices will help you streamline procurement, inventory, and work management processes.
  • Support. SDI will be there to help you keep your system running smoothly throughout the implementation and beyond.

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