The SDI Perspective – Top Takeaways from ServiceNow Knowledge 2024

By Cameron Boote, ServiceNow Architect 

ServiceNow Knowledge 2024 provided valuable insights into the support industry’s latest trends, technologies, and strategies. The SDI Team attended these sessions, discovered key takeaways from emerging trends, and gained certifications while learning best practices. 

Key Takeaways from Knowledge 2024 

  1. Generative AI: NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang was part of the Day 2 keynote, and he said it best: “If something is moving a million times faster every 10 years, what should you do?  The first thing you should do instead of looking at the train from the side is…get on the train because, on the train, it’s not moving that fast. ServiceNow’s partnership with NVIDIA to develop ServiceNow-specific AI models is going to continue to drive innovation on the ServiceNow platform at an incredible pace. ServiceNow continues to expand the Generative AI offering to other platform pieces including Strategic Portfolio Management and improved AI features for developers on the platform.   
  2. Generative AI – Image to Workflow: Another feature that got a lot of attention this year was the ability to take a picture of a process flow on a whiteboard with a phone, upload it to ServiceNow, and within a few seconds have the frame of a ServiceNow workflow. Generative AI is going to continue to drive the low code/no-code process designers and allow more people access to develop complex automated workflows on the ServiceNow platform.   
  3. ServiceNow Platform Performance: ServiceNow announced a major change to the backend of the Now platform by announcing the phase-out of MariaDB and a migration to a new database, RaptorDB. RaptorDB will start being rolled out with the Xanadu release in the Fall of 2024.   
  4. ServiceNow and Microsoft Partnership Expanded: The Day 2 keynote also announced ServiceNow and Microsoft combining their Generative AI tools (Now Assist & Microsoft Copilot). An employee can start a conversation with Microsoft Copilot in Microsoft Teams, then seamlessly be handed over to Now Assist to handle a request that involves the ServiceNow platform—like ordering a laptop. The goal is to deliver a simple and seamless experience to the employee. 

Overall, ServiceNow’s Knowledge 2024 provided valuable insights and strategies for IT support professionals—highlighting key insights and strategies for navigating the complexities of IT support in today’s dynamic environment. Contact SDI today to unlock the full potential of your ServiceNow platform and processes.