Save Yourself, Energy: How ServiceNow Can Help Utility Providers Weather the Winds of Change

By Ric Mims, ServiceNow Solutions Director

The landscape of energy supply-and-demand is changing, and the industry is abuzz with unprecedented possibilities. The rise of distributed and renewable energies has created a slew of new options for energy consumers and a wealth of new opportunities for providers.

Innovations are exciting when working to fulfill unmet consumer needs. They present new ways to accomplish goals, improving jobs and lives.

Mobile access to critical operational data in the field (along with data from other core enterprise applications) helps utility providers under pressure to avoid lost paperwork, improve field safety, eliminate unnecessary truck rolls, maintain an accurate equipment inventory, and accelerate asset-outage restoration. Access to data also facilitates internal communication and collaboration.

Cloud-based field service management platforms are the way of the future. The ability to coordinate efforts and manage people, processes, and technologies across information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) will separate the next generation of successful utility providers from those still running inefficiently in siloed organizations.

Enabling a strategic approach to field work and asset management supports preventative, predictive, and prescriptive maintenance practices. With workflow integration solutions and advanced analytics powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), ServiceNow® is ready to integrate and optimize work order management, fleet management, workforce/contractor management, technician routes, and scheduling. And SDI’s managed, multi-tenant instance is a great way to do so without compromising on security or breaking the bank.

SDI is a certified specialist integrator of ServiceNow solutions. Our certified ServiceNow personnel have worked extensively in the energy industry at some of the world’s largest oil and gas companies. With our expertise at the ready, your organization will experience real-time, real-world solutions that deliver measurable value, reduce service-delivery costs, drive employee productivity, and, ultimately, deliver happy customers, who will drive your net-promoter scores.

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