SDI Proudly Supports Chicago’s Foundations of Music

November 4, 2016 – CHICAGO: SDI Presence is proud to sponsor the 28th Annual Rock for Kids Auction, hosted by the Foundations of Music:

The Foundations of Music has the vision is to ensure a society where children of all means have access to music education and the opportunity to creatively express themselves through music; where all children are inspired to engage in their communities and realize their full potential. The Foundations of Music impacts more than 7,000 students in more than 30 Chicago Public Schools. Click here to view a map of our partner schools. With programs designed to implement culturally relevant, hands-on music education for children in Chicago, the Foundation impacts:

  • More than 550 students, who receive direct music instruction from the artist in residency program in the form of General Music & Choir, and Songwriting & Production.
  • Foundations of Music serves a student population which is 94.71% low-income.
  • Pre- and post-assessments showed a 63% increase in students’ ability to name an element of song structure, 62% increase in student’s ability to correctly identify whole notes, and a 35% increase in students’ ability to correctly group together like musical terms.
  • 82% of classroom teachers surveyed reported that their students showed improvement in behavior, general demeanor, and attitude.

At the 28th Annual Rock for Kids Auction event, which featured 2016 Honoree Norm Winner, Emcee Lin Brehmer, and Honorary Host Alan Hunter, the Foundation premiered a video highlighting what music means to the children that they serve.  Foundations of Music will continue to bring music education to the children you see in the video and thousands more during this school year:

Foundations of Music video link

SDI congratulates the Foundation for Music on reaching its  goal for the event, and its continued mission of music for every child.