SDI Introduces Economic Relief Technology Services to Identify Operational Cost Reduction Opportunities

Firm’s Multi-Disciplined Positioning Offers Answers to Unprecedented Economic Challenges

CHICAGO, July 6, 2009 —SDI (System Development Integration, LLC), a systems integrator specializing in technical and operational support for capital asset intensive organizations, today launched its Economic Relief Solutions Program, offering owners of mission-critical technology environments expedited advisory services designed to identify immediate cost savings opportunities. For example, the firm targeted high theft areas at one client site with megapixel camera technology to produce an immediate reduction in false theft claims costs; the implementation is on course to reach 100% return on investment (ROI) in under 5 months.

“Our government and complementary commercial clients are under extreme pressure to unearth ways to reduce costs and operationally do more with less, while keeping service and security levels high,” states David A. Gupta, SDI President. “Responding to these economic times requires innovative applications of technology and operational expertise to uncover unique opportunities to drive down operating costs.”

Building on its 18 years of delivering complex technology-based solutions across multiple disciplines such as security, IT, operations, and facilities management, SDI’s advisory team assessed common areas of cost savings opportunity across its customer set, alongside relevant technology solutions whose deployment costs are quickly recouped through immediate ROI. The team further examined innovative funding mechanisms and impact on future business operations to construct a well-defined set of rapidly deployable solutions that met the primary requirement of identifying immediate cost reductions. Other ancillary benefits of SDI’s economic relief solution set include the optimization of current technology investments, identification of recyclable assets, customer service improvements, enhanced safety/security, and increased asset protection. Sample programs include:

  • Real Estate Portfolio Optimization: Portfolio-wide accounting of owned/leased property/capital assets, identifying opportunities for consolidation, departmental tracking reimbursements, and physical asset recycling.
  • Claims Reduction Through Megapixel Deployment: Camera surveillance deployment to deliver improved forensic/evidentiary capabilities to reduce false theft and workers compensation claims.
  • Time and Attendance Savings Identification: Based on an American Payroll Association’s survey finding that organizations realized up to 4% annual savings on gross payroll after implementing automated Time & Attendance systems, SDI offers a rapid opportunity assessment to identify labor and employee cost savings potential through automated time and attendance, workforce scheduling and absence management processes.
  • Asset Management Program Savings Identification: ROI projection on implementing asset management best practices/systems to reduce maintenance, inventory and labor costs for assets including buildings, computers, furniture/fixtures and vehicles.
  • SmartSourcingSM Reduced Employee Functions: Innovative staffing options to cover necessary operational roles jeopardized by reduction in force/employee reassignment.
  • Infrastructure Cost Savings Assessment: Desktop, server and network infrastructure assessment identifying savings opportunities through SLA review, maintenance protocols, data storage cost reduction, and elimination of inefficient network redundancies.
  • Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V): Building on our successful oversight of several multi-million dollar state enterprise applications, SDI’s IV&V team delivers a thorough and independent evaluation of the work products generated in the design or execution of complex technology projects, ensuring cash-strapped clients that are getting what they are paying for.

“SDI’s economic relief programs offer valuable insight to our clients so that they may drive down costs with minimal service disruption, and to determine the best use of the limited funds that are available,” states Robert Kettell, VP of Solution Development at SDI. “Our technical and business professionals are armed to independently advise our clients on specific areas that can get them through this economic downturn and position them to emerge stronger than ever.”

For more information on how SDI can assist your organization in these challenging times, contact Larry Houle at 312.580.7595 or visit for more information.

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