SDI Employee Spotlight – Iffy Edward

This month, our Employee Spotlight focuses on Iffy Edward, a data governance project manager whose unique skillset and program success ultimately brought him to SDI from across the Atlantic Ocean.

How did you get your start with SDI?

I used to work and live in Europe (UK/Dublin) and was transferred to the United States in 2016 by my last company. Restructuring in 2019 made my position redundant, and after that, I applied to a position in SDI.

Describe your current role.

My title within SDI is project manager, but currently I fill two distinct roles for an energy utility client. I serve as the program manager for the overall program delivery, covering different work tracks. In that capacity, I help with the setup of a new, internal data organization structure, as well as training and bootcamp, governance, and operationalization. I am also the project manager for the Data Solution Platform delivery.

What is your team like?

My current team is made up of SDI professionals leading efforts around deployment, Organizational Change Management (OCM)/Communication, training and bootcamp, and testing. We also create operational documents for a new data governance project.

The overall program team also includes customers and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) from several organizations internal to the customer, as well as our external delivery partners. It’s a potpourri of different professionals representing multiple organizations.

Who/what inspires you, personally and/or professionally?

Personally, I’m inspired by Lewis Hamilton, who is a British racing driver. The racing industry isn’t known for being inclusive, and he overcame that.

Professionally, I draw inspiration from my first work mentor when I started consulting, back in the UK. He was the first person to ever talk me through what my strengths and weaknesses were and how I could improve. To this day, his feedback is the best I have ever received.

What personal and/or professional accomplishment(s) are you most proud of?

In my previous organization, I helped with the establishment of a QA process and team in support of a data analytics program. The result of that effort led to my being transferred from Dublin to the United States to help lead that team.

Are there any professions other than your own that you’d like to try?

Yes. I’d like to try being a jazz musician and being a pilot.

Music is something I am passionate about, and jazz in particular, because requires skills and soothes the soul. I have always fancied the idea of becoming a saxophonist but never taken up learning to play. I see an opportunity to do so when I retire.

I never pursued flying because since I was a kid, I have had a fear of heights. Not a lot of people know this, and it’s strange, considering that I also experience a huge adrenaline surge and take so much joy being high up.

Do you have any hobbies?

Too many; I love to read, enjoy travelling, playing and watching football (soccer, for you Americans—Go Arsenal), as well as tennis.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

I would like to visit Egypt, Israel, and Iran.

How do you unwind at the end of a busy day?

Before having kids, I would chill with a cup of tea and watch TV. Since kids? That’s no longer possible.

If you could wake up tomorrow with one new skill, what would you choose?

The ability to get my kids to sleep when I need them to.

It’s 2023! Do you have any personal and/or professional resolutions for the new year?

Personally, I resolve to drink more water (I used to do that a lot more successfully) and to run more. Professionally, I hope to get my Agile PM certification.

We celebrate diversity; the views expressed above are those of the interviewed individual, not SDI.