SDI Delivers Electronic Plan Review for City of Chicago

Technology to Increase Efficiencies in Building Permit Process, Decrease “Time-In-Line” for Homeowners and Business Owners

Chicago, August 15, 2012 — SDI (System Development.Integration, LLC), a systems integrator specializing in government technology systems and infrastructure, has deployed an electronic plan review solution for the City of Chicago’s Department of Buildings. The technology-based program, called E-Plan, streamlines the City review process and reduces time-in-line for homeowners and business owners so they can more quickly obtain required building permits.

“Increasing efficiencies and modernizing our processes is essential to helping our residents and business community continue to enhance their quality of life and economic growth,” said Department of Buildings Commissioner Michael Merchant. “While my department continues to maintain Chicago’s rigorous building standards, we are committed to making the process as quick and efficient as it can be.”

In 2011, the City of Chicago’s Department of Buildings issued over 400 large scale construction permits and approximately 7,800 small to medium project permits. Under the new E-Plan program, when an applicant (architect, engineer, home owner, business owner or agent) submits a building permit application that requires drawings, the system invites the applicant by email to upload electronic drawings and all relevant schedules and documents. City review staff – spanning multiple trade and professional disciplines including Zoning, Architectural, Structural, and Green Review – has simultaneous access to the review the plans, with the ability to clearly note any corrections directly on the electronic documents. The applicant is notified of any corrections and is able to electronically resubmit their updated plans to the City. When the plans are in order and all fees are paid, the applicant can download the approved stamped plans – eliminating the need for paper plans to be manually printed and delivered.

After conducting a business process analysis and requirements assessment of the plan review function, the SDI Team implemented Avolve’s ProjectDox electronic plan review software, which has been implemented in over 60 municipalities, counties, and states. SDI integrated the ProjectDox system with the City’s existing Hansen 8 permitting software system to enable a seamless, end-to-end electronic process. SDI conducted City and design community training, and provides on-going systems technical support.

“The E-Plan program is an example of how the City of Chicago has tactically channeled technology to address specific City functions that can drive economic growth,” says SDI CEO David Gupta. “SDI is proud to support the City of Chicago in its commitment to leverage technology to improve and expand City services.”

The new system was initially rolled-out in January 2012 for larger development projects, and was fully rolled-out in July for all projects in the City that require plans from a licensed architect or engineer.

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