Revving Up for APTAtech 2023: Accelerating Innovation and Technology in Transit

Welcome, transit enthusiasts and tech aficionados! APTAtech 2023, the premier conference showcasing the latest advancements in fares and technology in transit is just around the corner. Set to take place from July 30 to August 2, this eagerly anticipated annual conference promises to be a hub of innovation, knowledge sharing, and networking opportunities. 

From the perspective of Christina Belmont, Vice President of Marketing at SDI Presence, and the Chair of APTAtech’s Planning Committee, APTAtech 2023 will be an incredibly jam-packed week. Belmont will be playing a pivotal role in the event as a speaker, moderator, and Chair. Her contributions will include leading the fare collection fireside chat / roundtable discussion, as well as co-hosting the much-anticipated Women in Tech/Transit networking session. 

Additionally, some highlights of the upcoming conference include: 

A first-ever Innovation Challenge: This is a fun, interactive opportunity to join your colleagues in teams of eight to creatively brainstorm solutions for some of our industry’s toughest challenges in fares and technology. Think of it as a hack-a-thon but better! 

Speed Networking: Want to get the most out of your conference experience? We will have a fast-paced pre-Welcome Reception networking event. Join us for several 6 to 8-minute rounds of peer-to-peer speed networking. 

Networking for Women in Fare Collection and Technology: This one is also a new addition to APTAtech! We’re aiming to foster a sense of community, facilitate networking and network building, and promote professional growth among women in the transportation industry. This session will be a great opportunity to get inspired and find ways to flourish together.  

APTAtech 2023 promises an exciting lineup of keynote speeches, panel discussions, and interactive sessions, offering a comprehensive overview of the latest technological breakthroughs driving innovation in the transit industry. From artificial intelligence and data analytics to smart mobility solutions and sustainable transportation, attendees will have the opportunity to explore a wide array of topics and engage with industry pioneers. 

Mark your calendars for July 30 to August 2 and get ready to immerse yourself in a world of innovation, collaboration, and endless possibilities at APTA Tech 2023!