Large National Insurance Company Standardizes Emergency Evacuation Route Planning with SDI

As severe weather season arrives, safest evacuation routes identified for forty buildings

CHICAGO, March 26, 2008 —As the severe weather season arrives, the need for clear and comprehensive employee evacuation routes becomes increasingly critical for facility mangers. For its part, a large national insurance company is now taking the protection of their employees’ one step further. The insurance company has employed SDI (System Development Integration, LLC), to create floor plans for emergency evacuations and severe weather shelter signage for forty of its buildings across the United States.

SDI is a systems integrator specializing in technical and operational support for capital asset intensive organizations. The company is leveraging its expertise in computer-aided design and drafting documentation (CADD) to identify primary and secondary emergency evacuation routes for its employees.

SDI is creating floor plans based on existing CADD files, which will identify evacuation routes, fire pull boxes, fire extinguisher cabinets, emergency telephone locations, duress stations, manual pull stations, handicapped/disabled places of refuge, stairway and elevator identification, and designated emergency shelter areas for severe weather. The files will also be used to create signage to be posted throughout each of the company’s U.S. campuses.

“SDI is proud to help this insurance company in making their campuses safer for their employees,” said Robert Ladner, director and business manager of SDI’s real estate practice. “With SDI’s proven security experience fusing multiple disciplines and technologies-such as capital asset management tools, digital surveillance, biometrics and Reverse 911-we are excited to improve the company’s evacuation routes, making them more accurate so that their employees know where to go and what to do in an emergency.”

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