From Lights, Cameras, Action to Digital Dreams: Elijah Ruiz’s Internship Journey with SDI

Opportunities for the next generation are as vast as the digital landscape and SDI Presence takes pride in its commitment to shaping the future through internships and apprenticeships. With a staggering total of 250 internships and apprenticeships, 70 of them initiated in 2016 alone, SDI is dedicated to fostering fresh talent and propelling them into successful career trajectories. Even more impressive, 18 individuals have made the remarkable leap from internships to becoming full-time employees at SDI. These numbers reflect not just a numerical achievement but also an embodiment of our core values. 

At SDI, we recognize the significance of internships and apprenticeships, not only for the growth of our organization but also for the broader community. Internships bridge academic knowledge and real-world application, offering budding professionals the invaluable chance to hone their skills and gain firsthand experience. 

Elijah Ruiz is a Junior at Columbia College Chicago. He is currently pursuing his degree in Digital Media Marketing. Before joining SDI, he interned in various industries, such as film and TV audio production, luxury photography, and music. 

Elijah joined SDI as an intern through the OneSummer Chicago Program at the end of August 2023. He was brought on to direct and produce a video, encapsulating and showcasing SDI’s internal culture evolution. Elijah also contributed in several other ways—organizing a headshot station for SDI’s executive leadership team and helping with social media posts.  

“SDI has been unlike any other of my previous internships.” Said Elijah Ruiz. “I could apply my passions, creativity, and education to any project I took part in and truly learn and be mentored by leaders with decades of experience. I’m excited to see what the future holds for me in digital media marketing. One thing for certain is that I’ll take the valuable experiences I’ve had with SDI anywhere I go.” 

SDI VP of Marketing Christina Belmont mentioned. “Elijah Ruiz has brought a burst of energy and creativity to our marketing team at SDI. His passion, dedication, and ability to seamlessly integrate his education into real-world projects have been a delight—we’re excited to see where Elijah’s bright future in digital media marketing takes him.” 

SDI is thankful for Elijah’s contributions over the last two months, and we wish him well!