Customer Experience Expert Shannon Smith Joins SDI Presence

Chicago, IL – April 15, 2019 – IT Managed services provider (MSP) and consultancy SDI Presence LLC (SDI), announced today former Blueye CEO Shannon Smith has joined the firm as Director of SDIALIGN, the firm’s customer relationship management program.  Shannon will join Chief Relationship Officer Dawn Gupta in leading the ALIGN program, which maintains vigilance over the firm’s portfolio-wide customer satisfaction score of 98%.

“Our clients expect exceptional service delivery, and that starts with a solid customer partner relationship. SDIALIGN is designed to foster the open communication channels and honest feedback that are fundamental to long-term customer success,” states SDI Chief Relationship Officer Dawn Gupta. “We are really excited to have Shannon join the SDIALIGN team. Her robust business, technical, and client relations experience makes her the perfect choice for this position.”

SDI developed its SDIALIGN program to ensure that SDI senior management maintains connectivity to clients’ needs and that SDI project teams are delivering according to expectations. The SDIALIGN Team meets with SDI client teams on a quarterly basis to collect feedback on the firm’s performance, reliability, and customer service. SDI’s proactive program is structured to identify issues before problems occur, with SDIALIGN Team members providing independent and unbiased oversight of client engagements. The SDIALIGN Team is empowered with the authority, support, and budget by senior management to enforce SDI’s commitment to presence in every client engagement.

“I am thrilled to join an amazing organization like SDI Presence. Their commitment to their clients is unparalleled and I look forward to initiating and maintaining a top-of-the-line, two-way dialogue with our clients,” states Shannon.

In 2005, Shannon founded Blueye, an agency that helped brands define their engagement journey and build tailored social programs to drive loyalty and ROI. Featured in Crain’s Chicago and Adweek, Blueye was listed as one of the top 10 design companies in Forbes 2009 and as one of the top 10 web development companies in Entrepreneur Magazine in 2008. Blueye became a Facebook-preferred marketing partner, holding two of their four PMD program. Over eleven years, Shannon led Blueye through a period of rapid growth and change while directing the development of The Blueye Hub, a technology built off Facebook’s Ads API that allowed brands to turn data into sales. The Blueye team developed several web, mobile, and social apps across a range of platforms and devices, for clients such as the Salvation Army, Amway Global, and Starwood Hotels.

After the acquisition of Blueye in 2016, Shannon served as senior vice president of business development at Complementics, working with a family of brands that included Complementics,, eContext, and BotBuilder to bring new business opportunities to the business units and foster those relationships. As the companies grew, Shannon focused on helping them properly brand and adapt – building structure that supports expansion throughout the organization and maintaining a sharp focus on development and operations of the sales and marketing teams.

In her spare time, Shannon devotes to saving animals through the rescue that she co-founded in 2013 called Furever Rescue, a 401(c)3.

Shannon can be reached at 312.580.7519 and

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