Unlocking Insights: Extracting Value from ServiceNow Knowledge

By Cameron Boote, ServiceNow Architect

I recently had the privilege of attending Knowledge23, ServiceNow’s annual user conference in Las Vegas. Throughout the three-day event I had the chance to participate in ServiceNow® customer led sessions, product labs, and workshops. After returning from an event like this I’m always motivated and excited about the future of ServiceNow® and how it will continue to transform the way the world works. For those who were unable to attend, here are my top three takeaways from #knowledge23: 

  • Platform of Platforms 

ServiceNow® has its roots as an IT Service Management tool, but the platform has grown well beyond that in capability and features. ServiceNow® has positioned itself to be an enterprise-wide workflow and task management platform. Through features like Robotic Process Automation (RPA), organizations can now incorporate legacy tools and systems into ServiceNow workflows. Gone are the days of switching between 5-10 apps just to accomplish a single task.  With rising costs, companies are looking for ways to become more efficient and simplify the toolchain within the organization. ServiceNow® is well positioned to be the platform to centralize that work and truly become an enterprise request management solution.   

  • Generative AI 

Whether you know it or not, you’ve probably already interacted with some kind of virtual assistant in your everyday life.  Maybe you had an issue with your morning coffee order or a flight cancelation and needed to get rebooked.  Organizations are using AI to serve more customers more efficiently.  OpenAI/ChatGPT exploded in popularity recently and has almost become a common household name in a relatively short amount of time. Large language models like OpenAI are going to drastically accelerate the rate at which we work and advance.   

ServiceNow® is making a lot of investment into Generative AI (GenAI) on the platform and as a company believes this will be the most impactful, technological advancement we’ve seen this decade. GenAI has the potential to completely transform and change the way we work. GenAI will be introduced into the platform in two different ways, first being an out-of-box integration to tools like OpenAI, Azure OpenAI. The second is a new partnership with Nvidia that will allow ServiceNow® to build custom large learning language models trained specifically on the Now Platform®.   

  • IT vs “the business” 

If you’ve worked in Corporate America for any amount of time, you are probably quite familiar with the struggle between business and IT strategy. ServiceNow® CEO Bill McDermott invited Ashley Pettit, CIO of State Farm Insurance on stage to address this challenge.  Ashley said this. “Organizations should have one agenda, one strategy to drive success, with IT and business partnering to achieve a company’s goals. “We can be doing so much more if we get rid of this false narrative.”   

It’s 2023, and technology is essential to your business accomplishing its goals. If business and IT leadership don’t share a common vision and strategy, the company will fail to thrive and may become irrelevant.   

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