Cecelia Bolden

Chief Development and Diversity Officer

Ms. Bolden is a recognized system integration leader, having designed and delivered many systems ranging from custom to enterprise-wide and business transformative solutions.

Ms. Bolden’s history includes 34 plus years of experience in the information systems industry, with Andersen Consulting now Accenture, Oracle Corporation, and SDI Presence, and a host of clients in government and private sectors. Her objective is to ensure the creation of a sound strategy and vision using a solid product/service selection process, quality of design, development, and delivery.

At SDI Presence, Ms. Bolden is the Chief Development and Diversity Officer (CDDO). In her role, Ms. Bolden leads the development of new, large strategic accounts for the firm and oversees the organization’s financial stability, growth, vision, and direction. She does this by leveraging her vast experience in Operational Improvement, which allows her to direct and manage the development and implementation of business processes, systems, and change initiatives that focus on re-organizing operations and improving operational performance.

In addition, as Chief Diversity Officer, she works to implement a business strategy that foregrounds diversity, equity, and inclusion( DEI) efforts. She works to ensure new and current employees of all backgrounds feel welcomed by fostering a diverse working environment, facilitating equitable outcomes for staff, and implementing a culture of inclusivity. She does this through recruiting, training, mentorship, and sponsorship opportunities and the implementation of a corporate social responsibility plan that reflects the mission and goals of SDI and the communities and clients that if serves.

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