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SDI Customers, Colleagues and Community Partners, 

As we continue to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact together, I find that the core value of our company - PRESENCE - matters now more than ever: A dependable and flexible physical presence - on-site in our clients' IT environments, where it’s an essential service. Online, with regular and dependable virtual connectivity to continue to move our important client engagements forward. Presence in the form of steady and honest communication across our ecosystem. Staying engaged and protective of our communities. And, with an eye towards defining a more resilient future, anticipating the next steps alongside our clients to build on what we have learned going forward. SDI recommits our unwavering presence as we move forward together, as our Teams actively work to both flatten and stay ahead of the COVID-19 curve: 

100% Mission-Critical System Focus.
SDI Teams continue to serve across our client portfolio, addressing new COVID-19-related client requirements as well as managing to existing delivery milestones. In accordance with CDC and local authorities' directives, SDI has moved the majority of our employees into our teleworking program, while maintaining hands-on field teams on-site for our managed IT services clients. I am proud to state that our project teams have met all SLAs across our client base and will continue to work side-by-side with our clients to keep their mission-critical systems operational and business outcomes consistent.

Strong Connectivity Across Our Mobile-Ready and Onsite Teams.
SDI's COVID-19 Emergency Planning and Response team holds daily briefings to stay ahead of the COVID curve, reviewing client and employee feedback, addressing specific challenges and initiate future actions. Every SDI project has established weekly update calls that include management participation, cyber updates, and lessons learned.! And - to keep both our culture and inter-team communications strong - we have quickly rolled-out collaboration tools within MS Teams and Zoom.

Maintaining MBE IT Leadership.
This unique public health crisis is creating uncertainty and anxiety in our industry, including the MBE IT community. SDI is working with our MBE partners to work through COVID-19 challenges, including cybersecurity and financial advocacy to ensure the ongoing financial health of their organization.

Finally, our team is ready and available to help with any immediate needs – from remote connectivity and capacity issues, through resulting cybersecurity implications. Our IT and business consultants stand ready to advise you in any way we can to help you weather this crisis.

On behalf of the SDI Team, I am thankful for your continued support of SDI and our team as we navigate this crisis forward. The only thing that is ever certain in life is change, and I know that we will be able to adapt and overcome these challenges together.

David A. Gupta


David A. Gupta
CEO, SDI Presence