Every rentable square foot counts. Are you confident that your property’s rentable square footage has been properly calculated — to maximize its potential leasing revenue and transactional value?

For the past 25 years, SDI has been providing professional square footage accounting services to ensure that a property is working with accurate and BOMA-compliant benchmark information – and to identify additional revenue potential.

SDI’s Team of real estate industry professionals ensures that your property information and associated drawings and documentation are accurate and according to BOMA standards, providing:

  • Review of original and existing construction and as-built drawings
  • On-site/field measurement and drawing verification
  • CAD redrawing/As-Builts
  • Revit modeling

Whether conducting due diligence on a property that is on the market or preparing for a potential sale, SDI acts as an independent third party to assess the space information to ensure that properties are correctly valued. The SDI Team is positioned to quickly field-verify geographically dispersed locations of properties, to supplement property information that is not centrally managed or consistently kept up-to-date.




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“SDI’s experienced team and data fuels our daily operations.”

Having instant access to accurate rentable square footage is key to ensuring that we maximize the revenue generation of our properties.

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“SDI’s square footage recalculation exercise resulted in a significant pick up in our potential rentable square footage – and maximized our properties’ valuation at transaction time.”
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