LAN/WLAN Implementation for Major City’s Public School

Project Description

A major City’s public school system desired over 600 schools to have networking services to provide Internet access under the Federal E-Rate Program. The Public School required a team of LAN and WLAN experts to comprehensively design, install and test each school as requested by the Public School.

Project Goals

The City’s Board of Education was seeking a Contractor to provide Local Area Network Services in conjunction with the Federal E-Rate Program. As a result of the Telecommunications Act of 1996, which stated that the nation’s schools and libraries shall have access to advanced telecommunications services at discounted rates for educational purposes, the Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”) made provisions for a $2.25 billion annual discount program that became known as E-Rate.

Services Delivered

SDI as a Subcontractor to AT&T (formerly SBC) coordinated the inventory and network connectivity projects over this distributed geographic area. Both the Public School and AT&T utilized SDI as the Lead Technical Consultant for technical questions regarding this program; technical training for support staff; provided technical guidance on any components that fell outside the normal range of the project, and supported other technical vendors with their issues. In addition, SDI provided the following additional services:

  • Overall technical advisement during the Local Area Network Design process
  • Set security standards for wireless communications; and completed functionality testing and certification.
  • Provided LAN/WLAN equipment installation and testing; and troubleshooting and problem resolution
  • Configuration, testing, and integration of over 8,000 pieces of networking equipment (switches, access points)
  • Performed Quality Assurance inspections on contractors’ work, and compiled and audited project technical
  • Documentation for the Federal E-Rate
Project Results

SDI provided over 600 schools within the Public School with Internet Access; 8,000 pieces of equipment were installed, tested, and certified over a four-year period. SDI was called upon to create wireless security standards to govern wireless communication within the schools.


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