First Response Command Plans

Project Description

SDI was contracted by a major City Fire Department to develop emergency response plans for all high-rise buildings over 45 stories in the City.

Client Objectives

The City’s Fire Department needed quick access to up-to-date, key building information in order to make quick decisions in fighting fires and saving lives.

Services Delivered

SDI developed City-wide First Response Command Plans to deliver exactly the information required for incident response:

  • Tailored data standards based on Fire Department specifications and communication with participating buildings and associations
  • Field collection of building data by the SDI Team, including:
    • Key building contact Information
    • Critical building system information
    • Lobby Level Floor Plan
    • Elevator/Stair Diagram
    • GIS-based Site Plan spanning 3 block radius of building
    • Individuals Requiring Assistance
  • Digitization of building information and the creation of hard copy and digital First Response Command Plans
  • Production, distribution, and data storage
  • Maintenance and support for up-to-date building data

Project Results

SDI’s First Response Command Plans were successfully completed and are being used in 51 of the tallest buildings in the City.

Future Plans

SDI continues to work with the City’s  Fire Department to ensure that plans remain updated as building floor plans change. The Plans are actively used by the Fire Department throughout the City, and are one of the first tools that response teams use when arriving on-site at an incident.

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