SDI Presence Security Center of Excellence: Observed Trends in Security Protocols in South Carolina Schools

Increasing violence and shootings in and around schools throughout the country has prompted SC schools to change their approach on school security. Currently, many schools have started hiring their own security officers but that hasn’t proven to be enough.

SDI’s Security Center of Excellence, based in Charleston, SC, provides several observations on new technology and techniques being sought out to enhance the safety for both faculty and students:

Schools are now regulating entrances into the school, with most designating only one point of access for visitors. A proficient video intercom system allows the office staff to see and talk with the visitor before that person is admitted. A separate camera pointed at the entrance for full viewing is also used to allow the office staff to see if the visitor is carrying anything dangerous. This allows the school staff to contact authorities in advance of that person entering the building.

A few schools have also put in place a strong visitor management system. When the visitor checks in and their ID is swiped, the system runs it against numerous databases and checks for derogatory inputs such as a fake ID, sex offender registry, restraining orders, child custody issues and more. Also, once the ID is scanned, that person is logged into the system for visitor logging and record-keeping. They can also print out a specific location and time allowed badge.

Below are two examples of newer technology that are being considered by several South Carolina School Boards, with a brief description sourced from each vendor:

The 2N® Helios IP Force door intercom guarantees resistance to external influences, thanks to the greatest coverage on the market (according to the IP69K standard). It combines an anti-vandal solution with an elegant design, which makes it perfect for places that require a high standard of presentation and at the same time resistance to external influences, such as at an entrance, but in many other places, as well. Thanks to a double microphone, a powerful 10W speaker, and an echo-suppression system, it ensures sufficient volume and excellent clarity of communication. It features programmable illuminated buttons, a wide-angle camera, and a card reader. Door opening and the switching on of external devices are controlled through standard or IP relays.

These ID Scanning Solutions are powered by a powerful ID parsing engine to scan, verify, capture and analyze customer data from any type of ID or driver’s license.
• Read any government-issued ID from the US and Canada, including driver’s licenses, state-issued ID cards, military ID cards, common access cards (CAC), gun permits, Canadian health cards and passports
• Validate the authenticity of an ID to reduce the percentage of fraudulently processed transactions
• Automate manual data entry by scanning an ID and quickly populating the fields of an electronic form
• Eliminate typos and keystroke errors by using our parsing engine, which is the most up-to-date and reliable in the industry

SDI’s Charleston-based Security Center of Excellence delivers both these video and visitor management systems – including tailored design, turnkey installation and long-term maintenance. Covering South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia and Tennessee, the SDI team also services integrated access controls, fire alarms and monitoring, and building controls. SDI is a certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) with the National Minority Supplier Diversity Council (NMSDC), and also holds a VASCUPPS contract. For more information, contact Ross Motley at 843.810.1489.