SDI Student Interns Reflect on the Impact of Technology, Workplace Experiences

SDI believes in actively supporting our community to better shape its future.

For nearly a decade, SDI has partnered with Mercy Home for Boys & Girls to develop our student technology internship programs. SDI’s internships provide student mentoring, technology skill development and corporate/client workplace expectations. Interns have the opportunity to learn about various technology applications, infrastructure and operational processes, and apply their newly-developed skills to actual projects – all while becoming acquainted with working in a professional environment. SDI’s interns actively participate as part of SDI project teams, producing IT-oriented deliverables within deadlines and learning how to communicate effectively in the workplace. We thank our clients for supporting our internship programs and the Mercy Home students!

We invite you to learn more about the impact of SDI’s internship program at the Chicago Transit Authority from the perspective of our interns, in the blog post below:

CTA intern 1SDI Intern: Jalon M.

Working with SDI has been of great benefit to me in terms of where I am heading career-wise. During this internship, I have acquired many new skills and understanding of computer hardware and software, and have had the opportunity to demonstrate these skills on a daily basis. I have also been able to get the experience of feeling what it is like to work full-time in a corporate environment; and I see the importance of communication and consistency. I have been able to apply my networking skills, which I attained when I first enrolled into (Mercy Home’s post-high school continuing education program) Year Up Chicago. Networking has been very useful during this internship because I meet great people in the building who give me great advice, teach me about their positions and what it takes to get them, explain their pros and cons about working in a corporate environment, and much more.

As time passes, the plans that I set for my life are often modified. Currently, while I do intend to continue with Year Up, my focus has shifted more to finding permanent or at least stable and steady income, doing a job that I enjoy. My short-term goals include finding employment with a position very similar to my current role as hardware/ desktop support. My long-term goal, which is to enroll into Year Up, along with my short-term goal, should be very attainable to reach because of how SDI has prepared me. This experience is providing me with the skills, knowledge, and understanding needed to be successful in a full-time job carrying out similar tasks. It is also showing me the work ethic necessary to successfully graduate from Year Up Chicago. I am taking this opportunity very seriously and plan to continue to grow throughout the experience.

SDI Intern: Nicole B.
While interning at SDI, I was exposed to being an IT team member in a corporate environment.  I shadowed SDI’s professionals who inspired my profound interest in technology. My time there widely influenced my professional brand. I learned how to be accountable in various situations such as being tardy or making mistakes. I was mentored by my supervisor and his teammates. From this I began to shape my own persona and develop both my hard and soft skills. As a result of hard work, my abilities began to flourish. My extensive training at SDI proved to be a crucial developmental phase in my career path.

Now, as a Year Up student, I am grateful for the opportunity to have worked with (SDI project lead) Will Davis and his talented team. Individuals such as Tim Kwong and Toure Richards guided me through countless projects. By the end of each week, I became well-educated in various processes. I would not be the aspiring professional that I am today if it were not for the efforts of the SDI team. I went into the internship with only the basic skills that I acquired from high school. By the end of SDI’s internship, I had become the skillful, qualified person that I am today. I believe at I can take this experience with me for the remainder of my life.

In the spirit of the season, the SDI Team also supports the Mercy Home for Boys & Girls in the form of gift and gifts cards for their resident children. To participate, please click here to donate to Mercy Home.