Finishing Strong at CS Week: Our Energizing Key Takeaways

SDI’s signature presence was on full display at 2023 CS Week in Charlotte. Roughly 3,400 industry experts gathered from around the world to share and explore the latest in tech, trends, and ideas impacting the utilities industry.

As industry frontrunners, we showcased our innovative solutions and services that help organizations stay up to date. With a team of utility experts, we made connections with fellow professionals and ignited the path towards an electrifying future.

Couldn’t make the trip to Charlotte? No problem, here are our key takeaways from keynote speakers, events, and discussions at CS Week:

Billing & Payments

This session detailed the successful implementation of a CIS, CRM, and advanced analytics tool that replaced aging systems. The project was implemented five months (!) ahead of schedule, and the presenters were very informative about the project management techniques used to keep the project on track. SDI’s takeaway from this session was that communication is key during large implementations and that the Agile Safe methodology, like other project management methods, has its pros and cons; the important thing is figuring out which management method will work best for your needs and project.

Women in Utilities – Perspectives on Passages: Navigating Change in Positive Ways

This session featured a panel of five women who answered questions and provided guidance on how to network, mentor, and lead in the male-dominated utilities industry. They shared stories of triumph and lessons learned. Our key takeaways from this session were how important it is to advocate for yourself and other women in the workplace and that having a support structure for your career is a great asset.

Leverage Data Analytics for Better Customer Engagement Related to Collections

Historically utility customers have received payment-due notification in the form of bills, late notices, and collection calls/notifications. Now, utilities are starting to leverage data analytics for breaking up all customers into personas/categories and crafting targeted communications to connect with them (e.g. text, social media channels), resulting in stronger meter-to-cash/collections.

In addition, utilities can profile commercial/industrial customers to obtain get the profile for monthly usage. If usage is unusually high or low, the utility can work with the customer to ascertain the outlier in daily/monthly consumption (i.e. planned increase in usage, meter issues, etc.).

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