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It seems that when “smart” is used in conversations related to information technology, people think of smart devices rather than smart, innovative, and effective organizations.  As a national leader in the delivery of information technology planning and services, the SDI Team believes that the business and operational processes underlying IT organizations are fundamental to the larger organization’s success.  SDI presents this white paper series, curated to share our gained knowledge from hard-won experience and lessons learned over 20 years of serving over 160 local government agencies and utilities.

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BOB GRIFFITH brings over 20 years of brings large-scale consulting experience with a specialization in Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solutions that included: a major US transit agency (development of an asset registry, workflow processes, maintenance strategies, and standardized KPI’s for over 500,000 assets); a major Canadian oil exploration firm (program management transformation roadmap development that identified over $9 million annual savings through improved engineering data management, site commissioning, and field-based digital technologies); an international energy firm (SAP Plant Maintenance (SAP/PM) and Meridium Asset Performance Management (APM) asset management solution that resulted in $20 million in annual equipment uptime savings); and a global energy utility group (organizational readiness, communications, and change lead for an integrated Maximo reliability solution across the US mid-continent region).


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